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Izzy Designs is inspired by my daughter, Isabelle, who passed away in 2012.  Izzy was creative, insightful, loving,  joyous, dark, energetic, happy, empathetic, talented, smart and beautiful.  My life and those of our family and friends will never be the same after losing her too soon.   Everyday,  I cherish her memory and reflect on the moments  I had with my daughter with grief and love.  Making candles and soaps, building barn doors, and painting furniture has been life saving for me as it is a job that brings joy to myself and others.  

A portion of your purchase is donated to either mental health/suicide awareness or animal shelters in need.  This past year, 2017, the donation was made to the Red Cross for all the hurricane victims  in need, and  I know Isabelle would've agreed with  that .


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